We all face financial choices everyday of our life. And for a long time, people have been forced to navigate some pretty important decisions without a whole lot of clarity. If that’s not hard enough, as Singaporean Muslims, it’s even harder to decide whether we’re making the right financial choices that are aligned with our core Islamic values.

In 2018, we set out to change all that. And today, it’s easier than ever to make the right decisions through our resource of articles that aim to solve that. All with SmartMamat.

No secret ingredient.

It’s simple – you’re our first priority. We want everyone, regardless whether they’re sharing the Islamic beliefs or perhaps looking into ethical ways in growing their money, to have the confidence and without was-was (doubt) when making financial decisions. And, we’re proud that the information we provide are objective, independent, straightforward and free.

One disclaimer though.

As this website is first conceived with the intention to help our fellow Muslims in Singapore, we follow closely and take references from Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS), also known as Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

In addition to that, we take guidance from the fatwas (Islamic legal rulings) that have been passed through the Fatwa Committee.

We believe that, this is the best and the most relevant way, as Singaporean Muslims, to make informed financial decisions in today’s dynamic environment we are in while adhering to our Islamic principles.

May we have all the guidance from Allah s.w.t. for this cause, Insya’Allah.

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